The Products Sell Themselves

Make your next fundraiser POP, with a Del's Popcorn Shop Fundraiser.

Industry leading fundraiser since 1934!

50% Revenue = More $$ for your cause

One size fits all solution

Perfect for any group looking for a family-friendly fundraising platform.


Marching bands, field trips, new equipment & classroom upgrades.

Sports Teams

New jerseys, equipment and team travel.


Perfect for youth groups, choirs, bands and mission trips.


Supplement your existing fundraising with delicious popcorn and candy gifts.

Community Organizations

Boost your local community or neighborhood organization with a low friction virtual fundraiser.


Unlike most fundraisers, our Fundraiser is paperless and contact-free! Simply share your fundraiser URL or QR code with friends, family and across social media to start your fundraiser!


As supporters start to make purchases, your organization will be paid a percentage of revenue on each sale. Watch as your sales increase towards your goal!


No need to collect money or hand-out products. At the end of your fundraiser, you are done! Every sale will be shipped fresh directly to your supporter whether they are across town, or across the country.

No Minimums or Fees

Lets us remove the downside of fundraising. You earn 50% of all revenue before any fees or expenses. You sell, we handle the rest. Simply tell us where to send the check, or provide ACH instructions and we will send your payment after the fundraiser concludes.

Go from learn to earn in as little as 7 Days!

We Provide The Content, You Share it.

We will provide your organization with a variety of content to post as stories, reels, posts as well as copy you can use for emails and text messages. Provide that to your whole organization and let the sharing begin!

Frequently asked question

We will make all products fresh and ship at the conclusion of the fundraiser. We can ship to addresses within the United States.

Link to your shipping policy.

As soon as your fundraiser has ended, we will allow time for all shipments to be received and confirmed to ensure there are no returns or delivery issues. Assuming payment issue and tax info is verified, we will be able to issue payment shortly thereafter.

See our Fundraising Terms & Conditions for more details

While we do consider fundraising products as non-returnable, we stand by our product in instances where they are damaged in transit. Any returns, refunds, or claw-backs will be deducted from the organizations final payout.

Link to your returns policy.

There are no minimums, no setup costs in the creation of a fundraiser. Del's pays the organization 50% of the total revenue before tax and shipping.