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A family favorite founded in 1934 is still poppin’


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, June 14th, 2024 – This year marks Del’s Popcorn Shop’s (“Del’s” or “Company”) 90th anniversary.  To celebrate its 90th anniversary as one of America’s oldest popcorn brands, Del’s is launching a nationwide expansion and rebranding.    Beginning in 2024, the Company will release new packaging, introduce new retail concepts, and renovate the existing retail locations to enhance the customer experience.  The Company-owned stores will be completely renovated to create an atmosphere steeped in nostalgia with a modern flare.  Beyond Central Illinois, Del’s has become a top-seller on Amazon where the famous red popcorn tin is Amazon’s Overall Choice and continues to experience magnificent growth with new customers across America through   Additionally, Del’s is in conversations to open new locations throughout the United States both as Company-owned locations and franchises.   


The Company also created a new fundraising platform to support local causes, sports leagues, and other non-profit organizations.   While Del’s has been a strong supporter of local causes, the Company can now fulfill national fundraisers with a tech-forward online system.  The new short-form fundraisers are perfect to create competition among teams, provide delicious products to families across the Country and to give outsized proceeds to participants – 50% of sales go directly to the fundraiser organizers.  


Beginning the week of July 22nd, Del’s will announce promotions to celebrate 90 years of history and host a 90th Anniversary party on Saturday, July 27th at the Mt. Zion (100 W Debby Dr, Mt. Zion, IL 62549) and Springfield (3013 Lindbergh Blvd, Springfield, IL 62704) retail locations.  Del’s is thrilled to share this significant milestone with its communities across Central Illinois.


“We view our ownership of Del’s merely as custodians of a historic brand,” said co-owner and CEO, Shellie Jacobs.   “Everyday we feel a heightened sense of urgency to introduce new and fun products for the internet age while maintaining the highest integrity when it comes to the history and legacy of Del’s.” 


“Del’s holds a place in my heart and in the hearts of hundreds, if not thousands, of people across the US,” according to co-owner, Lou Ann Jacobs.   “We hope to continue down the winding and exciting path we started nearly 50 years ago and do our best to surprise and delight our customers along the way.”


Mike and Trudy Jacobs, co-owners, explained, “Our popcorn shop is on this planet to remind everyone what is important in life:  Enjoying every moment with family and friends and sharing goodness with others.”   “We are thrilled to be part of this significant page in history and are thankful for our wonderful customers.”




Del’s is one of America’s oldest popcorn companies.  Originally, Del’s was opened by John Baldwin in historic downtown Decatur as The Popcorn Shop.   In the 1960s, Del Barnett took over operations of the Popcorn Shop and renamed it Del’s Popcorn Shop.   The name stuck.   Later, in the 1970s, Del’s was purchased by the current owner, the Jacobs Family.  Ever since its founding, the mission of Del’s has been to provide joy to its customers through simple, classic, and delicious popcorn and candy products every day.   Whether it is the seasoned popcorn using powdered salt and corn oil, reminiscent of the Depression Era, or the seasonal releases such as caramel apples or our timeless candy-corn bunnies, Del’s is focused on incapsulating a menu and experience frozen in time and cherished for generations. 


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