Charmel Corn™


Introducing Charmel Corn from Del's Popcorn Shop – a delectable fusion of cheddar cheese popcorn and caramel that will tantalize your taste buds. Each kernel of our Charmel Corn is generously coated with both savory cheddar cheese and sweet caramel, creating a perfect balance of flavors that is both sweet and savory.

Our Charmel Corn is crafted with care, using only non-GMO popcorn kernels to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, it is gluten-free and contains 0 grams of trans fat, making it a delicious yet mindful snack option for everyone.

At Del's Popcorn Shop, we take pride in our unique creations and the stories behind them. Fun fact: it was one of our dear customers who coined the name Charmel Corn! This delightful blend has quickly become a favorite among our patrons.

Whether you’re indulging on your own or sharing with friends and family, Charmel Corn is the perfect treat for any occasion. Try Charmel Corn from Del's Popcorn Shop today and experience the extraordinary combination of cheddar cheese and caramel in every bite!

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  • Contains Dairy.
  • Manufactured in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Dairy products.
  • May contain traces of tree nuts.